Site-Making Links

You too can become webmaster of your own domain.

Website Making: Coding and Templates

Learn how to code and get some lovely website templates while you're at it.

  • EGGRAMEN Site templates a-plenty to fit all kinds of uses.
  • HTML CheatSheet Find that bit of HTML or CSS code you need quickly.
  • Hugo Offers site templates with a more professional look to them.
  • MDN Web Docs HTML and CSS guides aplenty.
  • Tentacool's directory Even more templates for you to make use of.
  • The Cave of Dragonflies Plenty of stuff for current and future webmasters with a Pokemon twist.
  • W3Schools The best place to learn HTML, CSS, and more.
  • Web Zine 01 Learn how to make a website through an online zine.
  • Zonelets Themes for those who want to blog, free of fuss.

Website Making: Images and Fonts

Get the look of your site down pat.

Website Making: Everything Else

Tools and miscellanea to improve your site.

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