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It's pencils and pen nibs all the way down.

Online Resources

Streamline your routine with the help of these websites and downloadable tools.

  • Anatomy 360 Shop Many, many great anatomy packs up for purchase.
  • Gumroad: Drawing & Painting A resource hub for those with the cash to spare. The prices may intimidate some, but the products are of exceptional quality.
  • Krita The most popular free art program for a reason. It does what many others can't and continues to receive support to improve its robust features.
  • Lazy Nezumi Pro A nifty add-on that helps you achieve smooth lines; purchase required.
  • Line of Action: Figure study tool Great for studying and drawing the human figure.
  • MALE HEAD, LIGHT REFERENCE TOOL A lovely 3D model to help you master the shadows and light on the human head.
  • PureRef Systematize your references, inspirational images, and any other pictures you need during your creative process; download required.
  • Same Energy A Pinterest alternative that keeps it simple.
  • Sketchfab If you're seeking out 3D models that come with a 3D viewer, then this site is for you.
  • WEAR Discover what modern Japanese men, women, and children are wearing these days.


Specific guides on how to draw what.

YouTube Channels

Let these fine folks aid and educate you in your artistic journey.

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