Favorite Links

A collection of links that I find entertaining, useful, and more often than not both. However, if you're after links to satisfy your aesthetic urges, then go ahead and click here. Alternatively, you could be in the mood to make your own site, in which case you'll want to go here.

Favorite Sites

The sites I frequent the most.

  • Cameron's World If you've ever wanted to see what the world wide web was like back when it was a lawless funhouse, then this is for you.
  • Just the Recipe Removes the unnecessary and unwanted jumble that plagues almost all recipe sites.
  • Retro Pokemon TCG An extensive crawl through the original Pokemon trading card game or TCG. This is an absolute blast from the past for anyone who experienced Pokemon madness at its peak.
  • SomaFM Music streaming that's supported by the listeners and channels that put on easygoing music to get you into the groove.
  • The Insidious Bogleech The Monster Mash as a website, all there for you to peruse.
  • The Punctuation Guide Get rid of any doubts you may have regarding periods, commas, and more.
  • Yesterweb Do not browse if you're pressed for time. You will lose hours going through the gingerly curated links on this site.

Favorite YouTube Channels

What I tend to watch during my downtime. Some channels aren't safe for humanity, so proceed to click with caution.

Favorite YouTube Videos

Specific videos that I love. Be aware of potential mature content.

Favorite Podcasts

Not-so-easy (and by that I mean scary) listening for when you're on the go.

  • Asia in the Shadows Learn of some of the worst crimes committed all across Asia.
  • Lore More than two hundred episodes shine a light on the dark corners of the world.
  • Revelations Three years, six episodes, and one strange and disturbing organization in the center of it all.
  • Stories After Dark True crime tales from the Philippines, some infamous and some forgotten.
  • Stories With Sapphire Journey through the paranormal with a pansexual Filipino-American as your guide.
  • Unexplained Mysteries From the Chupacabra to cattle mutilations to the strange death of actress Natalie Wood, this podcast goes over these mysteries and tries to explain the stories behind them.
  • Wag Kang Lilingon Podcast Two ladies talk about local and international horrors, all while peppering some jokes in between.

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